The team at Complete Building Advice engage decades worth of industry knowledge to support and guide our clients through the process of home building and major renovation. We are there every step of the way, from concept to completion. Our job is to be your eyes and ears throughout the stages of your project ultimately saving you time, money and a lot of headaches along the way.


With over 40 years of industry experience, Tony Abbruzzese and the Complete Building Advice team will be able to assist you from the many pitfalls commonly encountered while undertaking a building project.


Tony Abbruzzese and the Complete Building Advice team are well respected throughout the construction industry, allowing them to maintain strong relationships with all parties involved with your build. Such dynamic ultimately ensures all parties that you engage with across your home build or renovation are held accountable by our team as industry experts.


As every building experience is different, our service is completely customized for each client that engage a Complete Building Advisor.


The bespoke service offered by Complete Building Advisor includes:

  • selecting the most suitable designer and/or architect, including the request and monitoring of their fee proposal/s
  • selecting the most suitable builder/s for your particular project and reviewing all quotes
  • advising on council and insurance requirements
  • checking and confirming your building contract is compliant and suitable for your particular project
  • reviewing all variation requests, including their cost component and any time extensions
  • inspection of all stages prior to payment of any progress payments
  • speaking up on your behalf should discrepancies arise
  • monitoring all stages and progress time lines to assist reaching completion as scheduled
  • final inspection prior to key handover.
  • Critical site inspections


Our team are there for you 100% ensuring you maintain power over the build or renovation and your best interest is prioritized at all times.


We want to ensure you get your dream home, without a building nightmare.


For a free consultation, contact Tony Abbruzzese


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Tony Abbruzzese, Director

Home Building Advisor – Your partner in the process


Advice, logistical management and monitoring for new home builds and renovations


Tony Abbruzzese’s career in the residential building industry has spanned more than four decades. He’s learnt the business from the ground up, and today is a highly-regarded industry advisor and advocate. His expansive knowledge base covers every aspect of residential building – from structural fabrication, to Australian standards and building code specifications, right through to contractual, regulatory and legal requirements.


As a Home Building Advisor, Tony brings his wealth of experience and understanding of the home building process to his clients, guiding them through the vast complexities associated with building a new home or undergoing a major renovation. He ensures his clients’ home construction projects proceed at maximum efficiency from the absolute beginning of the project until the keys are handed over.


Tony began his building career back in 1966 and within 10 years founded a successful building company. He has overseen the construction of some 2000 homes across northern Victoria and southern NSW.

His early involvement with industry regulatory bodies saw him become an influential advocate, and today he is regularly called on to contribute his high-level expertise on a variety of industry matters. He’s been a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for over 36 years and has been actively engaged on the HIA board and committees for more than 20 years. Tony is currently serving on two of the Association’s committees: Membership & Training Committee also the Industrial Relations & Legal Committee.


Tony is also a long-standing member of the Victorian Building Practitioner’s Board (BPB), an independent statutory body that oversees the quality and standard of professional services in the Victorian building industry and monitors the conduct of registered building practitioners. During his 11-year tenure with the BPB, Tony has sat on more than 400 misconduct inquiries and provided assessment for hundreds of building practitioner registrations.


Over this time, he’s witnessed first-hand the devastating impact errant builders can have on home-owner’s lives. Problems can arise anywhere at any time, due to countless factors – including technical non-compliance of construction methods, incorrect or insufficient insurances, or inadequate contracts. The high emotional and financial cost when things go wrong can have life-long ramifications.


Tony’s role as a Home Building Advisor is two-fold:

  • to assist his clients through the nuts-and-bolts of a new home build or major renovation;
  • to protect them from the many pitfalls commonly encountered while undertaking a building project.


With his broad practical experience and in-depth legal and regulatory knowledge, Tony can quickly identify potential problems as they arise and efficiently address them to ensure a smooth, successful and hassle-free building experience. As a partner in your building process, Tony will give his client the confidence they and their investment deserve.


In simple terms, Tony will be your eyes and ears every step of the way through your entire project.


Your personal trusted advisor.