When are the services provided by Complete Building Advice most valuable?

Tony is there to support you no matter your circumstances. Common stages that he assists clients are listed below:

  • When issues arise in an established home
  • At Key stages throughout the building process
  • As a one of consultation
  • Throughout the whole construction timeline, from concept to completion.
When is the best time to engage Tony if I am building a new home?

The team at Complete Building Advice are experts in the whole building process, from concept to completion. We can offer our expertise at any stage in the building process, but it is ideal to engage a Complete Building Advisor before any other professionals are contracted to ensure that we maintain your control of the build.

This ensures that we can source or recommend the best designers or architects for your particular project, then recommend builders who are familiar in your style of work. Once this is in place, we review all contacts and specifications and provide our clients with the best building circumstances possible. This also ensures that you, as the client, remain in full control over your building project. We are also able to refer you to recommended professionals who are experts in specific building styles to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

What if I have already engaged a builder or other professionals?

The team at Complete Building Advice can still help you even if you have signed a contract with a building professional. We are here to protect your build. The team will review the contract, specification and all other documents as it stands and implement strategies to ensure that your best interests are maintained throughout the entire process through to completion of your home.

What is a variation?

A variation (sometimes referred to as a variation instruction, variation order, or a VO) is an alteration to the scope of works in a construction contract in the form of an addition, substitution or omission from the original scope of works. Variations are often required alterations that are driven by real time issues. It can be as simple as wanting to move the location of a door, to moving an entire wall. Variations are very common in custom builds or renovation. Depending on the terms of your contract, variations can alter the price of your project dramatically, often up to tens of thousands of dollars added to your final bill. This is due to the cost of processing the variation, as well as the cost of labour and materials to complete the alteration.

By involving Tony Abbruzzese and his team at Complete Building Advice, will ensure that you are not being over charged for any variations required and voluntarily actioned throughout your build.

Our process requires all building professionals involved with your build to submit all quotes and variations to your advisor for inspection. With our extensive knowledge, we break down all quotations and variations and make sure they are compliant and priced correctly. Having us on board, ensures that your building team is responsible and compliant.

How much does it cost to engage the services provided by Complete Building Advice?

After you contact Tony, he will be in touch to discuss your needs further. As each client’s circumstances are different, Tony ensures to take the time to understand the extent of support you need, and will then provide you a quote.

Why would I add the cost of using the Complete Building Advice team to my build?

Although engaging the services of Complete Building Advice initially seems like an addition cost to your build, our expertise, knowledge and guidance continues to save our clients significant amounts of time and money, ultimately outweighing the cost of engaging Tony Abbruzzese and the Complete Building Advice team.

Tony will be your eyes and ears throughout your complete building process, from selecting specialist professionals, reviewing all contracts, specifications and quotations, all the way through to critical site inspections at all stages.

Trust Complete Building Advice and our expertise to save you time, money and headaches throughout your build.

Will my project be finished on time?

Our team have extensive experience within the building industry and can easily identify the common risks that appear throughout a build. This knowledge allows us to assist in controlling the well-known risks and hiccups to save our clients time and money. These generally occur due to miscommunications between the builder, building surveyor and client. Utilizing our services will minimize the chance of common mistakes being made. Our team is well respected throughout the building industry which allows us to work easily alongside other building professionals to finalize your dream home.