Tony’s decades of experience allows him to offer advice and support to clients at all stages of the building process. Whether you utilize Tony for a one off inspection, at key stages of your build, or all the way through from concept to completion, you can trust that he will be your trusted watchdog and building advocate.


Whether you have an existing home with a problem, or a stage of the building process that is causing you a lot of stress, you can have Tony come in to inspect, report and consult as a one off.


You are about to pay the final installment of the build and have a few concerns that are being brushed off by your builder. Tony can come in and complete an audit of the build with any issues reported to your builder by him, ensuring your home is completed to a high standard before handover.


After living in your new home for 12 months, there is an array of small defects that were missed during your final inspections. Tony will visit your home, complete an inspection, compile a report and contact your builder on your behalf.


There are some key stages within a build that are crucial. Many clients will have Tony come in to inspect, report and consult at key stages of the building process.


Whether this is your first home, or your forever home, Tony can be there by your side from Concept to Completion. He will not only oversee the whole building process and ensure your home is built to perfection, he will review contracts, refer connections, and bring together all parties involved to ensure your dream home doesn’t come with a nightmare build.


With over 40 years of industry knowledge, Tony Abbruzzese is a trusted independent building advisor based in Melbourne. He offers a range of Advisory based services, the perfect support for anyone engaged at any stage of the construction process. Tony prides himself of being there for his clients, ensuring their best interests are prioritized at all times.


To support you through the building process

Tony’s wealth of experience make him the perfect advisor to support his client’s through any stage of the building process, from concept to completion. Tony prides himself on being your expert eyes and ears throughout the stages of your project ultimately saving you time, money and a lot of headaches along the way.


To get results when issues arise in an established home

Tony is well respected throughout the construction industry, allowing him to get results when issues arise. Tony’s genuine care for his clients and passion for the industry ensures that any issues you are having with your home can be identified and resolved as quickly as possible. Working as an advocate for his client, Tony will engage with relevant parties on your behalf as a well- respected industry expert.


As every building experience is different, our service can be completely customised for each client that engage a Complete Building Advisor.


For a free consultation, contact Tony Abbruzzese


Phone: 0407 272 403


  • Over 50 years’ experience in both the commercial & residential sector of the Vic & NSW building industry.
  • Board Member Building Appeals Board (BAB)
  • Panel Member- Independent Technical Expert with Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV)
  • Over 12 years as the Board Member on Victorian Building Practitioners Board (BPB).
    • Tony has sat & adjudicated on over 400 registered practitioners misconduct inquires.
  • Assessor, External Panel Member – Department of Justice Victoria, Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV)
  • A member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for over 40 years.
  • 18 years as a board member on the Victorian Regional Executive Committee
  • Committee member for the past 20 years on Industrial Relations & Legal Committee & Membership & Training Committee

Tony Abbruzzese, Director

Home Building Advisor – Your partner in the process


With over five decades of experience in the residential building industry, including founding his own home building company, Tony has a vast knowledge base covering all elements of the building process from structural fabrication, to Australian standards and building code specifications, right through to contractual, regulatory and legal requirements.


As a home building advisor, Tony navigates the complex home building maze, guiding clients through the process of building a new home build or undertaking a major renovation. Using his wealth of experience, he ensures that from conception to completion all projects proceed at maximum efficiency and are as enjoyable and rewarding for his clients as possible.


As a long-standing board-member and trusted advisor to key industry bodies (HIA, BPB, DBDRV) and government (Tony has seen first-hand the devastating impact errant builders can have on home-owner’s lives. As such, he makes it his focus to apply his broad practical experience and in-depth regulatory knowledge to ensure a smooth, hassle-free building experience for the clients that he works with.


In short, Tony will be your eyes and ears every step of the way through your entire project.


Your very own trusted advisor.